300# Anvil foundry project

What blacksmith wouldn’t love to have a 300 pound anvil? This foundry is being built with that sole purpose in mind.

I don’t know how long it will take me to complete this project but the goal is to be able to melt a crucible with 300+ pounds of the best alloy steel I can find for producing anvils.

Currently the pics show how far along I am with the construction of the setup. There is much to be done…

What I’m attempting to put together is a waste oil firing system. A small shed has been built to store waste oil which will house a centrifuge for cleaning the oil and storing the anvil patterns, foundry sand and other parts for the project that will accumulate. On the side of the shed I plan to set up a 300 gallon storage tank for the clean waste oil. I have several hydraulic pumps and pressure control components hanging around the shop so I’m sure I’ll be able to throw together something capable of atomizing the oil to be pumped into the burner. 

I have not started building the burner yet but I have a design that should be sufficient. The rough plan is to build a large fan (similar to an industrial dust collector) for the air blast which will have a gate valve to control the air to fuel mixture. To get the foundry up to heat before injecting a high pressure mist of oil I’ll have a connection for propane which will be shut off when the foundry is hot enough to spontaneously ignite the oil. 1500 degrees? I'm pretty sure once the foundry is preheated with propane it will be easy to blast in enough air and oil to get 3000 degrees or more.

More to come…