Access #2 Forge

Access #2

Manufactured by Thermal Art Design

Made in Portland Oregon USA

Easily forge weld Damascus steel

Designed for the artisan who needs versatile “access”

Super fast heating and efficiency even with open design!

Perfect for odd shapes such as armor and sculpture!


· JF#1 Burner

· Needle valve control

· Durable vibration cast 3200 degree refractory hearth

· Top insulated with ceramic fiber

· Heavy duty construction

· Open design allows unmatched versatility

· Adjustable choke (reduce oxidizing on your fine blades and forgings)

· Dynamic hearth construction for maximum heat retention

About the forge


The forge comes with a high pressure propane gas regulator that can be connected to any standard American propane gas tank that you would commonly use with a BBQ.

To fire up the forge simply open the fuel valve on the forge about a half turn and hold a long stem BBQ lighter by the opening of the forge. Try to light the gas soon after you crack the valve so it does not build up and create a huge fire flash.

All forges from Thermal Art Design feature JF #1 Burners. These burners feature a stainless steel nozzle and are flange mounted to the forges. Simply put, the burners are in a class all their own. They are much more efficient than other burners I have tested that are commonly found in ceramic stores or else ware on line. The burners come adjusted to burn neutrally and can be choked to provide a perfect carburizing atmosphere for things such as forge welding.

When you are done using your forge always remember to shut the gas off at the forge and propane tank.


The forge body is a heavy duty construction with a convenient built in work rack. The refractory materials are of the highest quality and over rated for these forges to ensure a long time of use. Ceramic fiber which lines the top of the forge is rated for 2600 degrees. The hearth is 3200 degree refractory cement which has been cast into a mold on a vibration table to ensure it is super strong and durable. The hearth is then treated in a kiln according to the manufacturer’s specifications to be properly cured. All forges are fired and tested before shipping.

Rather than using a flat hearth (seen on some high end name brand forges to low end low price makes) all forges from Thermal Art Design use a concave hearth which has been dynamically sized to each model of forge to provide maximum heat retention. The hearth refractory currently used stands up as the most flux corrosion resistant material I have found and the drop in design makes replacing it effortless to replace.

As far as maintenance goes there is not much to do but everything I can imagine that could be an issue has been addressed and planed for. The refractory materials (hearth and ceramic fiber) can be ordered separately or together from our web site and take only minutes to replace.

As long as the propane connection is kept clean the burners will function flawlessly for a life time. The fuel orifice is corrosion resistant brass and the manifolds are constructed to make disassembly and reassembly quick and simple. If a burner orifice ever becomes clogged due to a sloppy forge owner connecting a dirty propane hose simply unscrew the burner and clean with a wire cleaner for a torch tip.

There has been a lot of effort put into making these forges the kind of tool you will be very happy to own. Have the other forges you’ve been looking at been constructed with this level of quality?

Double burner forge dimensions

Release of liability

Where ever flammable gases are used there are always potential dangers that must be foreseen and preparations must be made to avoid accidental fires and personal injury or even death. These forges are designed to be used out doors or in a well ventilated shop area away from any other flammable materials. Thermal Art Design assumes no liability for any damages incurred to property or persons due to the use or possession of the forge. Upon purchase owner agrees to assume all liability for accidents, damages, malfunction, misuse, or personal injury due to the use or possession of this forge. Work safe.


All shipments will be processed in 48 hours and sent by ground service unless otherwise requested. The forges are test fired before shipping to ensure proper operation.