Burner Kits

If you are interested in purchasing any of the many types of burner kits I can put together for you please email me for pricing and ETA.


The pictures below are some common examples of kits I put together. I keep a fair inventory of plumbing parts in my shop including tees, elbows, NPT to copper tube compression fittings, gauges, ignition kits, and other odds and ends so what ever your ideas are for a burner setup I'll have you covered.

A note about some forced draft burners I've been experimenting with:

Toward the bottom of the page you will see some pics of forced draft burners. These are quite different from the standard JF#1 Burner. The forced draft burners are longer, they have a removable/adjustable/replaceable nozzle made from 304 stainless steel and use compressed air with propane to operate.

I have future plans to setup a foundry testing area behind my shop for my own hobby and business pursuits so video demos will be comming soon. As of now I have sold a few of them to artists who do bronze sculpture and they are all very pleased with the burner so with out further testing on my part I am offering them for sale. I personally ruined one of my forges when testing this style burner and ended up melting about half of a rail road spike into a puddle of steel in the bottom of the forge. A word of caution: these burners get extreamly hot! Take extra care when using them as the temperatures you can reach are well above what many refractory materials are rated for and will cause excessive deterioration. Just because you can use the heat does not mean you should. Remember, all my products are provided for people to use in a way that they do their own engineering and proper evaluation of application.

Standard burner kit. This kit gives you the basics to get started. You can add your own plumbing as you see fit for your particular application.

30PSI regulator w/72" hose.

Brass needle valve. 3/8 male swivel X 1/4 FNPT.